Form Advice: Swarm Intelligience Tree Facade

Hi all,

I’m looking for some advice for my project. I am trying to achieve this tree-like form facade using swarm intelligence in grasshopper. Please refer to the project photos for what I am trying to achieve.

I am currently using a swarm agent created by Boid and Anemone and translating the curves to a mesh using marching cubes and Weaverbird. I have attached my grasshopper script for your reference. Currently, my swarm movement is not quite the same and the mesh is not smooth enough and too messy looking. It is also very 2d and planar. I want to create something more 3d. (60.1 KB)

I would like to get your advice on how you would :

  1. create the swarm to move in a similar way to the photo. What should I input to control how the swarm moves?
  2. translate the curves into a smooth but organic mesh shown in the photos.

thank you!

Link to project reference (GENESIS Eco Screen):

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