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I am trying to play with boids /swarms, I have taken a challenge to create a canopy based on boids movement but I am getting errors on the way, can somebody please have a look at the code and tell me know what is wrong in the code or what am I doing wrong.

Boids Canopy.gh (8.4 KB)

No response :pensive::pensive:

@PeterFotiadis Can you please give some insights?

Firstly these “minor” issues should been addressed:

BTW: Obviously this is not written by you. Who did it used a Map Method: (but what he means? RhinoMath has no such a Method);

Or he means a classic Remap ? Like:

Various other Methods out of the blue are used. Like:

Maybe he means:

if(steering.Length>maxForce) { steering.Unitize(); steering *= maxForce;}

Tip: provide some sort of sketch related with what you are after (what about K2?)

@benav97163 is this code generated by some AI tool?


I hate computers (these and the others). Moral: Math.Pow(Yikes, Yikes);

BTW: Fixed the stupid things. Prior dealing with vars … well … what exactly does that thing?


Added var control > nothing happens. Moral: Adios Amigos.

could you please share the GH script here! Thanks a lot!

Get the useless thing (but if - as Daniel said - this is done via some stupid AI thing … well … better recycle it ASAP).

Boids Canopy_Fixed_And_Pointless.gh (8.8 KB)

BTW: It’s waaaaaaaaaaay better to expose your goal (in detail) … and we’ll see what could be a rational way to cut the mustard.

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Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate your effort for this! So to brief - I’m currently working on a project where I’m creating a visually appealing canopy using boids. What’s really cool about this is that the movement of the boids can actually change the shape of the canopy! Essentially, I’m using the principles of boids to simulate human movement and interaction, and using that simulation to design a canopy that has a really organic, natural look to it. Can you help mw with that! @PeterFotiadis

Well … my top C# Gurus (of Gurus (of Gurus)) did a re-examination/re-evaluation of that thing. They said &@#@#@ (and &&&&##@$#@). Meaning that there’s no “base” to start (not to mention to end).

Screen Shot 105

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