Swarming in grasshopper

Hello! I started doing a swarming simulation using Boid plugin and I made this form of lines but I need to convert this form to a space were people can walk in like in this project “Ill attach the link because I cant take a screen shot… it’s the first project in the portfolio” https://issuu.com/lee.youngjae/docs/combine , it is also made using the same swarming concept I think but he managed somehow to create such a hollow section of his form were all the lines are on the surface of the form creating such a structural shell form

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Hi @baraa96marie,

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Unfortunately, particle simulations are quite a vast topic. Judging by the images inside your referenced portfolio, I would guess that there was some kind of geometry that was strategically placed to form voids/spaces (cf. metaball-ish urban analysis).
The particles probably flowed around and over those bodies to form the shell. The design seems to be quite non-deliberate though, or at least the structural strategy isn’t easily discernible. It’s probably more of an urbanist approach.

In your example, the start and end points of your particle trails are clearly readable, but not so much in the referenced project. This tells me that the particles, where probably randomly spawned on the formwork geometries. If the particles are more dispersed at the simulation start, the linearity of the movement isn’t as visible as in your simulation.

What matters in these kind of simulations is avoidance of particles and rigid bodies, which would form the voids inside the shell, and other forces or strategies that you could implement, in order to control or alter your particle movements and thus trails.

Check this out: