Help with embedded geometry that controls swarm behavior in real time

Hi all,

I’m an Architecture grad student at Northeastern with some grasshopper experience working on my thesis, which is about kinetic screens. My partner and I are designing a screen that exhibits swarm behavior (it’ll be motorized) based on the users touching designated panels. We’re doing this because there’s a glare issue in the interior curtain wall we’re designing this screen for, we want folks to get a little reprieve from the sun in their classrooms. I’m in charge of the grasshopper elements as I have the most experience here.

I’m hoping some of you more savvy grasshopper folks could help me develop my code in several ways. I have attached the code as it exists currently. I got it from a YouTube tutorial which I have credited in the next section. Basically it is a system of diamond panels that rotate according to a curve drawn in Rhino.

I got the base for my code here: Adaptive facade |Parametric facade | grasshopper for Architecture tutorial - YouTube

But I want to add a few things to it. The first, is that the diamond panels need to sit in a frame so that that frame can house the motors, and the panels can actually rotate in something. All these panels will be attached at the central axis.

The second is that I want to embed several “touch” panels that will be specific irregular circle geometries, these touch panels should be embedded in the diagrid and above mentioned frame. I would like these geometries to be easily manipulated. This is because I’m basing the geometry on specific skylights with very unusual shapes that exist in the building where the intervention will be made.

The last thing that I need to do is set it up such that when a person moves the touch panel, the surrounding panels will react to that rotation of the irregular circle panel. For now, any sort of reaction is a good starting point. This is my research semester and I don’t need to have everything fleshed out just yet. I’m not going to actually build the thing until the Spring.

Long winded post, but thank you very much to whoever is willing to offer any advice for this undertaking! If anything that I verbally described is confusing I can provide sketches to explain better. Lastly I want the script to work in real time because I want to present the screen to my college’s art director hopefully in a gif that shows how the panels would move conditionally.

diamond (13.1 KB)