Swarm Behaviour

Dear Members,

I am experimenting with the “Swarm behaviour” to create something very very similar to this:

Now, I have points swarming out of the Charge point in straight lines.

To achieve my project… I need the lines swarming out of the Charge point to:
1- move horizontally in curves, then
2- raise and twist up into a tower.

How can I do that? I am a beginner and I really need your help.

another similar project to what i am doing:

Anemone plugin.gh (8.7 KB)

Those projects are made with Maya.

You are right. However, I am trying to create my own version in grasshopper. Isn’t that possible?

Not really if you want it to look like those. Those have some good subD meshes. Especially the last one one by Steven Ma who is a Maya master and does those manually (Maya lets you manipulate the mesh like that very easily, however it is not easy to get the refinement as Steven does without lots of practice). It is just not something Rhino’s meshes are capable of at the moment. You can prolly get some flowing curves and mesh them with cocoon but they will be just that - thickened wires.

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Now I get it. Thanks a million for your time and effort to clarify this.