Force return license to Zoo?

Hi, we have 2 x Zoo servers on our network and a laptop user somehow managed to check out a license on both of them at the same time (don’t know how!)

Anyway, when we do ‘check in license’ on the laptop, it returns one of them quite happily - but we are left with an ‘orphaned’ checked out license on the other Zoo server.

I can’t seem to find a way within Zoo to forcibly ‘unlink’ this lost license from the laptop and return it to the pool. Does anyone know if there is there a way to do this?

Do we have to delete the license and then re-add it? I would prefer not to do this unless it was the only way.

Thanks in advance for any tips!

From the Zoo, select the license in question and then pick Edit -> Recover.

Does this help?

Brilliant! That worked. Thanks so much for the speedy response :smile: