Problem with zoo 5.0: checked out license cannot be returned

i cannot return a checked out license from a laptop, when i am starting rhino 5 our zoo shows another license loan with the laptop name and user. So there is one checked out license and one loaned license at the same time for the same laptop and user. So where is the problem? Maybe it depends if the laptop is connected with ethernet cable or per WIFI

Many thanks in advance

any idea?

Hi Ruediger,

My guess is that somebody in your office walked over the the Zoo server and recovered your checked out license do they could free up the license for someone else to use. Because the license is in use by another user, you cannot check it back in (plus you are in breach of our license agreement).

To get you Rhino system playing with the Zoo again, follow these instruction (ignore the title of the article).

Does this help?

Dear Dale,

i don’t understand that. I don’t know the meaning of recovering licenses.

Why should the license be in use of somebody else. Please have a look to the license manager picture: the yellow line shows the id of the laptop that cannot be returned.

The serialnumber is only used once. I was reading your manual, so after deleting the lic file I should take the same serial number like used as checked out license ending with -06169?

Thank you in advance


See the “Recovering Licenses” topic: