Zoo Server Move while License are checked out?

i want to transfer the Zoo-Server App onto a new OS. Now I realized that 1-2 licenses are checked out, because ppl are traveling with office laptops.

Is this possible or I have to wait ??

THX for info


Hi @Peter_Dornauer,

Ideally, it would be best of the licenses were checked in, to the LAN Zoo, before you began your migration, as this will cause you the least amount of grief.

But if this is not possible, then you can forcefully recover the checked out licenses. From ZooAdmin, select the checked out license and then click Edit > Recover.

With all of the licenses now not-in-use, begin the process of moving the LAN Zoo server software.


When the remote users return to the office or reconnect to your VPN, they will not be able to check in their previously checked out licenses. You might end up having to manually delete their local licenses files. But you can cross that bridge when you get there.

– Dale

Hi Dale,

thx a lot for this fast response.
I understand your email and I’m still thinking of how to do Best. The problem is here that 2 licenses are checked out, but this weeken is an optimal timeframe for the server swap, because on this server runs also another license server (autodesk) and therefore it’s difficult to find an appropriate time-slot. Maybe I find another one. But back to that question:

What would happen ?? What happens when I forcefully recover the checked out license ? On Server side and also on client side ?? I’m afraid the colleague suddenly can’t work anymore ??
BTW: I made the setting of checked out license are max. 14 days.

Ahh, and another question you can maybe help. During the setup process the Zoo need a connection to the McNeel License Server, but how ist after set up ? Is it allowed to close the Firewall for that server or does the Zoo need an Internet access ??

THX for support and greetz from Vienna

The checked out licenses will be returned to the available pool licenses, allows you to remove .

Your users will be able to continue to use Rhino until their license expire. Since they’re offline, they have no idea their licenses have been revoked.

The LAN Zoo only accesses the Interent when adding or removing licenses. There is a component that periodically checks for updates, but that really isn’t important.

More tips and tricks:


– Dale