For Rhino V6 wishlist

I was wondering if it s possible to have some of VSR shape modeling features developed for rhino V6.
For example I like the fact that I can numerically see the tangeancy / curvature deviation numerically and correct it unti lit s perfect or near perfect. Abd of course try and get the most out of that plug in. :smile:


Yes, please!!!
Thanks :smiley:



Hi Alexandre- thanks, I’d like some of this myself, I do not know what is possible… I’ll put it on the pile however. The more specific you can be with the requests, the better, and examples are often helpful too.



Unified GH & RH interface.

I wanna All RH command output to GH data list.(unified history)
…& etc…
GH component function(user object or c# script or cluster) calling system.


Yeah, good thread, i will follow this.

It could be that i might suggest something that is allready there and simply havent seen yet so please correct me if i do.

  • Making fillets or blendsrf use edge align would be nice, blendsrf would be enough,
  • history on blendcrv (or blendsrf :)) or basically more control over blendcrv
  • Matchsrf is a very much used tool for me but it could use a few extra options, g2 g3, extra rows
  • blendsrf could use blending surface to a curve instead of surface only
  • More control over the simple sweep, degree, spans, g1 g2 g3 :smile:

Just a small note, rightclicking on sweep2 or sweep1 to automatically turn on chainedges would be nice just to speed up the workflow

If i think of more i will add to the list,…

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Oh, just thought of it, match surface, if only we could have a slider just like blendsrf to control the amount, hmmmmmm amount :smile:

project tangent maybe? (possibly allready suggested)…

Hi Sabino- what is project tangent?



Yeah sorry about that, its a tool alias has gives you very good control over curves or surfaces even if im right, not sure anymore, been a while,

I was trying to find a vid but not easy to find, maybe someone else has something,…

Hi Sabino- try: DragMode > ControlPolygon, select all points along an edge (SelU, SelV) and drag the points using this drag mode- is that something like what you want?


I havent checked yet but my explanation wasnt very good, i dont think its for surfaces actually, with project tangent you can very good control how the end of a curve would respond to a surface, giving it g1 g2 or even g3, and not just align it to a surface but you get full control just like using alt in blend srf options, right now i also sometimes use blend srf to somewhat mimic project tangent, again, a video would be way more helpfull, when i have some time ill try to look for one,…

im not really sure what dragmode does but i am sure thats not what i meant, hopefully i can find a video of project tangent so you know what i mean,…

Hmm- possibly, BlendCrv, with the Edges option may come close?


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Oh my @Pascal, i feel emberassed, thats pretty much what i meant yes, man, i have been using rhino so long you get stuck in a workflow and dont know that there are new functions, eventhough i used blendcrv alot i didnt even notice the command bar,

Eitherway, the only thing thats missing is project tangent you can move along the edge and the history updates,
Oh and if you would say g0 instead of g1,2 etc, you would be able to rotate it to any direction, well actually, you would even be able to do that with g1 or 2 active (ofcourse it wouldnt be g1) but you get alot of control over it.

Thanks alot for pointing that out, i will surely use that,…

Hi Sabino- while in the command you can slide the end point along the surface edge and also rotate the angle at which it hits the edge by holding Alt and dragging a control point- does that help at all? None of this works once the command ends- which may be your point.


Yeah, i saw that, ive been using the function eversince you told me about it, though i wonder why this option is only available with the commandbar active, why not make it optional in the blendcrv options box? so you can more easily play around.

Yes that was my point idd, i can only speak for myself but i think that alot of designers want to play around with shapes as they go along and ofcourse, easily edit afterwards,…i know im asking alot :D…

Yep, this would require that BlendCrv have History, and that History allowed the input parameters to me modified- neither is impossible, technically, I believe… but also not on the top of the list of things to do.


It’s my first post on the forums…

I’m new to Rhino but I’ve been using 3D professionally for a good while (3DS Max, Maya, ZBrush, Softimage, etc.). I was genuinely surprised to find a lack of scene management feature(s) like Maya’s Outliner missing; it’s such a basic feature for modeling software. I thought I must be doing something wrong because I couldn’t find it until I read a post on the forums confirming it doesn’t exist. (Please correct me if I’m wrong about this!)

Please consider adding this feature for Rhino 6 or as an update (IMO this really should be part of the application and not a third party plugin). Being able to select, filter, rename, organize (by name, type, etc), group, hide/ unhide/ render type, set properties, basic organization, etc. is a must have for productivity and workflow optimization.

My favorite flavor of scene management tools in other software is Maya’s Outliner but there are some other good implementations as well:
The Explorer (XSI)
Scene Explorer (3DS Max)
Select by Name (3DS Max)
Schematic View (3DS Max)
Hypergraph (Maya)
Model Tree (Inventor)

Having said all that I’m really enjoying using Rhino and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. It’s been a long time but using NURBS again full time is like slipping into a warm bath.
Warmest regards


Dunno, been using Rhino for like 15 years now and never needed one… So it’s not essential for everyone. Not saying it shouldn’t be added, but simply that it’s not required for everyone.


One can work without scene management tools, but I find it makes the workflow significantly faster and more organized. I’d put it on par with having a layer editor. Anything that can speed up productivity is a welcome addition.

Edit: Just to beat a dead horse, here are some videos of The Explorer window in XSI and the Outliner window in Maya:

(Alias - Object Lister) (0:18 to 1:00)

I think the interface would translate very well to Rhino. It’s a parallel and similar idea to the Layer Editor but with more granularity and functionality. Any additional functionality that works on the object and sub-object level (as opposed to strictly groups/ sets/ classes) of would be a welcome addition.

An obvious example would be each layer in the layer editor having a collapsible list of the objects it contains. Each object in the layer could have the same individual controls as the layer (but subordinate to the layer itself).

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I would love to see an option for assigning history to a set of objects. I hate breaking history to edit separately and then not having the option to manipulate everything at once after. I work with movable parts so it is very important for me to be able to see if everything will move as desired when I can not use history.

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