Blendcrv slider

can you add a numiric value slider in the blendcrv command,
as in the blendsrf command

Annotation 2020-09-23 140808

thank you.



Hello Garciaerin

holding down the chift + left click button is not enough in some situations
… the goal is to copy the value to another geomitry


yes! +1 for me.
it’s ages since I’m waiting for this.

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I too was waiting for this improvement
It is surprising that mcneel did not think :thinking:

100% agreed.
Always wondered why this is missing.


I hope that it will be achievable at least in the wip version

And +1 from another usual suspect. I have asked for this years ago and would love to see this implemented.

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hi mark

I suspected that there were users who have already spoken about this command in the past

So it’s the opportunity to knock on the door seriously

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Let’s hope they will put it on the to-do list. VSR Shape modeling had this and I always miss having it when I’m working in just Rhino. I also use GeometryWorks3D (SolidWorks surfacing plug-in) and it has a very nice numeric/slider implementation as well.

I have not had the opportunity to use vsr … it is without doubt beautiful and powerful
solidwork also i have no experience
all my experience is with rhino I work at 100% rhino only, I suffer in silence :woozy_face:
I find that a lot of improvement is missing for the tools I’m not going to be greedy, rhino just needs the little tweaks and refinements on those curved and surface edit controls
I beg mcneel to have mercy on these rhino users :pleading_face:
I came across your wonderful YouTube channel while typing (GeometryWorks3D). The surprise is that I am already subscribed, but I can’t remember when it was !. …

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All - I’ve added a comment to RH-59345 as it seems to be the same wish. If not, let me know…


Hello wim

yes that’s exactly what we asked

thank you so much

Is there any chance to have proper numerical controls for the “Blend curve” tool soon? I was about to start a new topic with a request for this particular feature, but then found out that there are already at least 3 other topics with multiple people asking for the same feature. :slight_smile:

Also, the sliders for the “Blend curve” should be enhanced, because currently it’s not possible to set numerical distance to an individual handle. Instead, there is end 1 and end 2, which is a basic control, but still lacking the ability to control all 4 main handles individually. Obviously, if there are extra handles added manually in-between, there must be a tickbox called “Link handles” that will determine whether adjusting an individual end handle 1a (while handle 1b is not altered) will also affect the intermediate handles along end 1 or will leave them unaffected.

I also requested this multiple times in several other topics, including this one where I also requested many more improvements:


there has been some movement in that bugtracker wim provided, pascal had add a comment just a few days ago.


We patiently wait, and keep checking on this feature :grinning:


A dream feature… Could be so hard?
My vote for this… Again.

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+1 here too.

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+1 for this feature; would be nice to see it in V8 if possible :slight_smile: