Blendcrv slider

can you add a numiric value slider in the blendcrv command,
as in the blendsrf command

Annotation 2020-09-23 140808

thank you.


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Hello Garciaerin

holding down the chift + left click button is not enough in some situations
… the goal is to copy the value to another geomitry


yes! +1 for me.
it’s ages since I’m waiting for this.

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I too was waiting for this improvement
It is surprising that mcneel did not think :thinking:

100% agreed.
Always wondered why this is missing.

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I hope that it will be achievable at least in the wip version

And +1 from another usual suspect. I have asked for this years ago and would love to see this implemented.

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hi mark

I suspected that there were users who have already spoken about this command in the past

So it’s the opportunity to knock on the door seriously

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Let’s hope they will put it on the to-do list. VSR Shape modeling had this and I always miss having it when I’m working in just Rhino. I also use GeometryWorks3D (SolidWorks surfacing plug-in) and it has a very nice numeric/slider implementation as well.

I have not had the opportunity to use vsr … it is without doubt beautiful and powerful
solidwork also i have no experience
all my experience is with rhino I work at 100% rhino only, I suffer in silence :woozy_face:
I find that a lot of improvement is missing for the tools I’m not going to be greedy, rhino just needs the little tweaks and refinements on those curved and surface edit controls
I beg mcneel to have mercy on these rhino users :pleading_face:
I came across your wonderful YouTube channel while typing (GeometryWorks3D). The surprise is that I am already subscribed, but I can’t remember when it was !. …

All - I’ve added a comment to RH-59345 as it seems to be the same wish. If not, let me know…


Hello wim

yes that’s exactly what we asked

thank you so much