Thank You!

Good Morning all together,
I have been using Rhino3D professionally for industrial design projects since version 1.1. Great job you and your team have done so far! You deserve particular praise for your new version RH 7. with the SUB-D tool.
I would now like to express my wishes for the development of the RH V8. It mainly concerns the classic “surface modeling.”
My greatest wish is the integration of efficient “direct modeling tools” and significantly improved “fillet tools”. I have missed that very much for many years!
The key word for this is: “SingleSpan Surfaces and Bezier Fillets”
The new Sub-D tool is really great and has great potential. I still see improvements in converting from “Sub D to Nurbs” here. The surface transitions are not yet perfect. The converted nurbs areas are still too heavy. I also see a need for action in the area transitions.
I am confident that you will add efficient tools to the future version 8.0. I am very excited.
I wish you all a relaxed turn of the year 2021.
With best regards


I join me to our friend Chris. You have done a really great job, both for the subd and for the tools implemented in GH. Rhino has thus made two great strides. Great and congratulations.
If I may: I suggest to improve both the fittings and the merging of the subd in GH.

What I have done in GH this year has been amazing and at the levels of a parametric software, as far as the design is concerned. It would be nice to work to make the gap with other parametric software smaller and smaller.