Wish for blendsrf

Maybe it’s on the list but would be very, very, good to have the blendsrf history enabled and get the created srf updating according to the blending edges.


Hi Riccardo, Thanks, yeah, it is on the list, a few times I think. @lowell, what are the prospects, do you think?


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+1 from me!

Another thing:
I find BlendSrf workflow awkward (in comparison to v5). You need to select ChainEdges option from the parenthesis in order to select multiple segments for first edge and then you are not able to select more than one segment for second edge at all.

Hi, on my computer blend srf work well, letting me to select any number of edges for both sides.
Could you share a screenshot of you drawing, probably there is some lack in edges tangency

Riccardo, you are right - there was a continuity issue.
But still - when first rail is a single segment, for the second rail I’m not able to select multiple segments - unless I select ChainEdges for the first rail selection and before selecting any edge. Otherwise I need to start over. I think the workflow in v5 is more user-friendly.

If history is enabled, would it be too much to ask for it to be editable as well?

BlendSrf linked handles?
Is it possible to link the handles together in a harmonious way, when changing the direction of the handles in BlendSrf?

If it is not possible by now, it would be very nice to add this function as a checkbox in the dialog or as an keyboard button to be pressed. For example (ALT+ hold SHIFT)
R6-BlendSrf-linked_handles.pdf (1.4 MB)

Rhino5_BlendSrf-Problem_EN.pdf (2.3 MB)

Wish for BlendSrf - planar sections normal to the surface
For multidimensional objects (not just linear extruded objects) it would be very nice if the planar sections (planar shapes / iso curves) could be orientated normal to the surface and should not be just a “line parallel to the planar sections” (parallel to one CPlane) like it is right now.

BlendSrf-planar_sections-error.3dm (212.2 KB)

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Very good.