Computation of model failed, only compatible addons used

I got this error code: (Ref: 54b4ac99-00af-4847-82be-42c68dee3fff)

I uploaded a relatively simple script with all data internalized, I have no clue why it isn’t working. How do I go about finding the problem?

Could you share a version of the grasshopper file that produces the issue?

Shapedriver assignment 02 [Oct-24 '21, 1916].gh (30.8 KB)

This is the file I’m having trouble with

Thanks for sharing. The issue is simple: your definition is using a font that is not installed on the ShapeDiver system, most likely inside text panels. Please switch to a more common font and try uploading the definition again. You can browse the fonts available on ShapeDiver here:

Thanks! I wasn’t aware that some fonts can’t be used. I changed the fonts and my definition works as it should now.