Flow text 2d

Back again with the questions!

I’m trying to get this text to flow nicely along the curves. the lower part worked without too much distortion, but when I try with the upper side of it the distortion is too bad. I’ve tried playing with settings on flow and different types of curves etc. But nothing seems to do the trick.


Try the ‘Rigid=Yes’ option.
Then the character position will Flow, but the individual characters will not morph.

the problem is when I do that, the letters start overlaying.

That means your characters are too large for the short curve you’re flowing along.
I’d try smaller characters or a flatter curve and let them morph.

my guess - your expecting something that visually not a pure geometry mapping.
as soon as you don t use the rigid option, straight lines might not be straight anymore, and parallel lines will point to the center.

as your target curve is a circle - what about using _flow with rigid for a first step, and then just use rotate to finetune ?

I think if this is a given graphic - task / job with some importance, you have to redesign the characters manually a bit…until it feels right, but not being a precise mapping.

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Hi @ryan272727, I have done a lot of this type of work with embossed and engraved jewellery. I find I get the best result if I place the flow curves through the centre of the text. This distributes the distortion evenly above and below the line.

Also as @Tom_P mentioned you might need to modify the fonts. I custom create all my fonts in subD for embossed and engraved geometry so I can get them exactly how I want. HTH.


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Thanks for the awesome reply.

was wondering if there are any informative video’s out there on creating your own fonts? would be very interested in that.

Thanks again

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