Flow text along curve distorts letters

If I ‘flow’ a text along a curve, the letters which consist out of 2 curves get distorted because both pieces are dealt with individually. In the image you can see that the inner part of the letter ‘b’ is placed further along the curve that the outer part. I tried to ‘group’ those 2 curves together within the text string, but that does not help to keep the letter intact. How can I keep the letter intact while ‘flow’ it along a curve?

it may depend on the font you used, either you check preserve structure while flowing, or you use convert on your text which will divide it into smaller segments and will help preserve the structure of the letters. in can also happen when the radius of the curve becomes too tight it may show unwanted effects.

The problem only arises when you set ‘Rigid=yes’ and ‘Stretch=yes’ while flowing a text. In all other cases this problem does not occur. So it seems that this is simply how this function works and that I will have to repair this manually for now. Thanks for your reply.

What you could do to keep things in place would be to make a planar surface with each letter, then Flow the surfaces instead of the curves. Then duplicate the flowed surface borders to get your flowed curve geometry.

HTH, --Mitch

Yes, that does the trick neatly. Thanks for your reply. My workflow now: Select string, use ‘PlanarSrf’ to create surfaces. Group those surfaces. Flow the resulting group along the curve. Use ‘DubFaceBorder’ to duplicate all borders of the surfaces. Select the surfaces group. Delete it.