Text objects around a horizontal (flat) curve

I’m modeling a circular object that will be used to create an injection mold. I’ve had good luck with using straight text objects and Boolean difference, but for a variety of reasons I decided that curving the text would look better. After lots of fruitless searching, I decided to use brute force. For what you see in the file & the pics, I typed each letter one at a time and then rotated those already typed then typed the next letter. A royal pain, but it worked fairly well. I like mine better than that created by using the flow command, which I haven’t been able to repeat. Pics and an R6 file attached.


Is there a better way?
It seems that my model is too large (125MB). I did purge it.

Use Text object to create curves (not annotation text) in a straight line.
Draw a straight line under the text the same length as the text.
Use the Flow along curve command to Flow the text. The straight line will be your baseline. The curved line you want it to follow will be the target curve.
Rigid=No will let the curves stretch as they flow around the curve.
Rigid=Yes will keep the text characters their original shape.

I think the Flow command Help (F1) will explain it a bit better.

It helps if you select the straight line first and then the target curve! :blush:


Yes, that would be key…
That’s why I suggested the Help article.
Start the command and tap F1.