Flow command 2d text curve around a circle

Ring-flow-2d.3dm (372.5 KB)

How do I flow 2d curves around a circle without distortion? The desired outcome would be no text distortion and the spacing between the letters to be more or less the same at the base (far left).

ps. I use letters as a case study but it could be applied to 2d texture and other stuff.

Thank you very much!


Hi @champ115615
In order to get the letters (or texture) to behave as you expect, you need to have the base curve at the… well, base of the text - hence the name. Also the lenght of the base curve needs to be the same length as the target curve. That will prevent distortion of the letters and their spacing. If you have history on, try and move the base curve up and down to see how it affects how and where the letters are deformed.

Ring-flow-2d_JN.3dm (429.6 KB)
HTH, Jakob


Amazing Thank you!

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