Text on a rounded surface

Can you tell me how to get text on this surface. (rounded)
Without deforming the text.
Rigid: yes is not the solution because the text stays straight.

Can you post your 3dm please and any screenshots that explain your question? Also, what version of Rhino are you using?

I have Rhino 5 and 6 beta

I think you don’t have any others options, as your shape is circular, you got 2 Diameters, the inner and outer , with rigid=no, the deformation will follow this rule , that’s why each letters have a V form, and if you switch to rigid = yes , letters will be placed straigth .

may be you can try with Flow along curves “rigid=yes” and tweak placements to find something approaching what you want .

It doesn’t work, with rigid =yes it is placed straight. The text are solids with a thickness of 1.

Post your file please, and try to be more clear , for now I don’t really understand, you have only 2 options, straight or deformed, what do you expect ? non deformed and non straight at same time ?

Sorry, for the misunderstanding

  1. Rigid=no
  2. Rigid=yes

Seems your text is recognize as one part, how did you make the text , are you using Block ?
For last time, post your file please.

I think your text is grouped, ungroup it first and the letters should stay rigid while flowing.

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Hum, seems he work in V6, i just discovered this what happend in beta with rigid = yes when grouped,
V5 ignore groups.

@Doje please specify you requesting help on beta.

YES, thanks. The text was grouped.

Record History prior to the Flow too and you can adjust the kerning… it can help a lot when the target path is curved.