Flow Question


When I flow the curvy surface around the circle curve why do I end up with an open seam down the edge? The shape was made from an unrolled surface based on the circle curve so it should be the same size. I’ve tried running flow with stretch turned on to see if that does it.
FlowQuestion.3dm (2.4 MB)

The surface (163.000 mm) is longer than the circle (155.822 mm).

You can use the Flow option Stretch=Yes for the surface to automatically adjust it’s length. (Based on Windows version of Rhino).

FlowQuestionDC1.3dm (721.4 KB)

Hi David -yeah, even with Stretch though the seam(s) does not want to close up. The edges are well within tolerance but getting them closed and valid seems to be a chore. I found that if I rebuild the circle to 24 points, degree 5 (pretty accurate rebuild) , the seam does close… digging more…



Thanks for looking into it. I’m glad it’s not just me.