Flow along curve

Hi, I have been trying to do flow along curve the black object onto the green line to get the black object with the curvature of the green line (not to fill the whole green line)
However the black object gets distorted. I put “Stretch=No” and “Preserve the structure=yes” but still gets stretched.
Grateful for any help! ringtubesV2.3dm (401.4 KB)

Hello - flow will distort the objects unless Rigid is set to Yes - you may want to flow the individual cylinders as rigid, then the bar as Rigid=No then combine them in place.
You may get more predictable results if you make the line the same length as the circle, - then the flow will end up in ‘the right place’ on the circle.


Hi, thanks. I tried to flow the object using the base curve as the same length as the target curve and it stills stretches. This is a part of a ring and will have the be accurate, otherwise the stones will not fit properly. will flow along surface get a better result? thanks!

Hello - this is what I get:

Is that what you’re after?


Hi, the curve yes, but can you see that the cylinders become ovals? The cylinders (1.5mm and 1mm) become oval, and I will be setting round gem stones on it, they need to remain round.