Command Flow

Good morning everyone! I have a problem with the Flow command. I need to use this command to take the blue surface, which is exactly the same as the blue line, and leave it open like the black line. The blue and black lines have the same perimeter, and it turns out that when I use the command, the surface opens, the upper line perimeter is the same between the “open” and “closed” surfaces (308.22mm), but the bottom line is smaller on the “open” surface (266,852mm open and 308,411mm closed), causing distortion from the original part. Can anyone help me with this problem?

Flow.3dm (252.9 KB)

Hello - if you duplicate the bottom edge of the surface as the base curve and make the target curve the same length it works out - but there is no way to get both to pay attention with Flow.


I got it with the flowalongsurface command. I created a base surface, then one that I wanted it to look like, adjusted the edge measurements, and applied the command. it took a while but the computer calculated and solved my problem. Thank you very much for the feedback.