Flow Component: unpredictable position change in Shapediver but not Grasshopper

I am experiencing unpredictable changes in text position in Shapediver that are not occurring in Grasshopper for calculations that utilize the “Flow” component in Grasshopper. I’m not quite sure how to problem solve this because the problem is not occurring in Grasshopper at all. I am attaching an image of the text in correct and incorrect locations (These use the parameter “SCHOOL NAME” text input in Shapediver).I have also attached a screenshot of the portion of Grasshopper script that may be causing this and the Grasshopper script itself. Here is the Shapediver model:


Would greatly appreciate any feedback or alternative solutionsGrasshopper Script

I didn’t manage to replicate the issue and I can’t tell much more from the screenshot. Could you post a minimal version of the definition isolating the problem?

Hi Pavol, and thanks for your help! Here is a minimal version of the script:

text-flow_simplified.gh (888.2 KB)

ALSO: I just tried uploading this minimal version of the script to test isolating the problem and received the following error message with no further info:
Ref: f89a6ced-c5ff-481d-8279-721300c59c81

Could you try uploading the file again? I tried several times and it worked as expected. If you manage to upload it, then let me know if the problem happens with the minimal definition, as I could’t make it happen on my side. That would mean that the problem is somewhere else in your full definition.

I was now able to upload the minimal definition and it worked properly. The only difference between the minimal definition and the full definition is that the geometry runs into a merge component with other geometry, which is connected to a Shapediver Display Geometry component with a material. I tried reuploading my full definition and am now getting the following error:

(Ref: b5938566-4bc2-4388-aeed-532665590064)

I am attaching the full definition, inputs are on the left of canvas, outputs and shapediver material assignment are above the canvas,

With a clue from some Shapediver folks I discovered that the Squid Text Curves component may be causing the error. I replaced those components with a custom C# component found on the forum here - Display Text in ShapeDiver Viewport - and that seems to have resolved the issue.

That’s good to know. Did it solve both your upload issues as well as the wrong placement of the letters on your ring? Let me know if you still have unresolved issues with your model.

Thanks Mathieu. Yes, I just tried a full upload with all elements and it appears to have resolved the upload issue as well.

I am having a separate issue now, however, with the export model function. When I attempt to export the model, I get the following error:

I believe this might be due to the export file size limit; the model comes out over 1GB, which seems way too big. It would be good to know if that is in fact the case and whether it is possible to reduce the file size (I would imagine through custom meshing prior to the “shapediver export download” component?). The computation time for the model itself also is prohibitively slow, are the two issues related?

And this is the link to the new model : https://app.shapediver.com/m/custom-school-ring-configuration

Yes, you are hitting the export size limit. For Pro accounts, the size of exported files is limited to 50mb, while for Enteprise account is is set to 200mb by default and can be lifted for specific applications.

Your model has lot of detail but it’s not so huge. I’m sure that with clever meshing you could optimise it to allowed size. This blog post gives you a couple of ideas on what to improve. Also, you might want to attend our webinar next week. It covers the best practices for building web applications with Grasshopper and ShapeDiver.

After working with the meshes a bit I reduced the size to around 4mb and was still receiving the same message. With some additional testing I found that the error resulted from parts of the geometry being loaded from a server using the Shapediver Import Geometry Component. The web addresses were not private, so I don’t understand what was going wrong. Now by using all internalised geometry the download function works, but it would still would be useful to be able to load directly from server.

Good to hear that the download function works with internalised geometry. Several issues with external geometry are discussed in this post, you might find it useful.