Text doesn't show correctly in Shapediver

Hi, we have uploaded a file in Shapediver and although the solid text looks great in the GH definition, it doesn’t look good in Shapediver. It doesn’t follow the same line as it does in GH and it is also stretched. There for unreadable. Can you tell us what the matter is?

I would need to see the shapediver model to be sure what the issue is, but my guess is that you have used Brep outputs instead of meshing the solid explicitely in the definition. Convert your geometry to meshes so you can get accurate results in the online viewer.

Thank you for your answer. It doesn’t really help. Could it be that the Splop command, one of the UDT tools, is not working correctly?

I am not aware of any problems with Splop. Is it possible for you to produce a minimal example that reproduces the issue and share it here?

Hello Mathieu,
Please find attached two screen dumps of the file in GH, the same file but uploaded in Shapediver and the GH definition. As you can see the name appears on a totally different place and deformed, and hardly visible. Hope you can find out what the matter is. Thanks in advance

michiel-sd-vorm-1.gh (1.6 MB)

The problem is in this part of your definition:

The order in which the SDivide component will give you points is not reliable, it might be different on a different machine and/or a different version of Rhino. Therefore it is not a good idea to hardcode which item from the list you want to use, as you did with the List Item component (always selecting item 2).

You need to add a sanity check to make sure that the item you are selecting is the one you want. For example, you could sort the list of points before selecting one, or look for a specific point location.