Model works within grasshopper but not Shapediver

Our model works within grasshopper. However, at certain measurement parameters, it does not display some or most of the display geometry in Shapediver or within the embedded model within our website.
However, I know the geometry is being generated as if I click the download configuration button, all the production geometry is displayed within the pdf and this can only be created from the missing geometry, as can the price which is displayed.

I have received the following from the developer who implemented the API…

as far as i can tell it seems the frontend is not receiving the geometry from the server. I think we need the support of ShapeDiver here.
To check if i get the data or not i monitored the communication with the server:

The middle part is a request that resulted in missing geometry. I should add that my ability to read the content of those requests is very limited though.

It could be that the resulting mesh is too large. Please check that the vertex count is below 65,536 vertices per file part for any parameter configuration and if needed, optimise the definition and re-upload. Find out more about output limits below.

Is there a component to display the vertice count sent to Shapediver?

The viewer and API does not explicitly give the vertex count but in Grasshopper, you can see the mesh vertex count sent to ShapeDiver Display Geometry component and optimise accordingly. Keep in mind that the limit is 65,536 vertices per file part so split any larger meshes into smaller chunks.

If the vertice limit is “per part” i am absolutely sure we do not have any “parts” which come any where close to the max figure.
Any other advice

Create a minimal version of your definition with parameter set up replicating the issue and share here so we can have a closer look.

ive reduced the vertice count and will try this first. When i try to upload i receive server 500 error. Is there an issue your end?

We are currently experiencing some trouble with uploads due to a maintenance update. The functionality should be working again shortly.

Can I email the model to you rather than publicly sharing it?
I had thought I had resolved the issue by reducing the vertice count as advised, but have been notified it still breaks at certain settings, albeit it works okay within grasshopper.

We provide only free public support on the Forum. Try to narrow down the problem and share a minimal version of your definition replicating the issue. Our video tutorials cover range of issues and they are valuable resource for learning about the best practices.

If you think you need more help with your project, private support might be a better option than Forum. Our sales team will be happy to give you more details, let them know via the contact form at

We have a paid Shapediver subscription. Is it still the case I must post the definition publicity?

I have followed the recommended posts and reduced the vertex count, albeit I don’t think I get anywhere near the limit.
As the definition works within grasshopper and also as I can download the pdfs which are created from the missing Shapediver display, I can not narrow down where the problem is occurring to post a minimal version

Your subscription covers Forum Support, please visit our pricing page for more details and subscription plans.

There might be issues except the vertex count. For example with the list order can be tricky especially if you use Decompose Brep or similar components. More in this subject in the post below.

But it can only be a Shapediver display issue, all the geometry is being computed, if you download the pdf, all the geometry is shown which can only be the case if it’s computed.
The mesh that feeds to the Shapediver display components are optimised and nothing complicated or oversize.

Yes, it might be the case but without a minimal version of your definition I can only speculate. It also might be that your model is close to the computational time limit and in some cases times out.

In most cases, our servers can’t perform an exhaustive checking of all possible parameter sets. Therefore it is possible that model checking succeeds even though some parameter sets take longer than the time limit to compute. In that case, the viewer will display an error message during the viewing session instead of displaying the result. More in the Documentation.

AT present, the definition is working at the parameters which caused a problem. What was happening is that only the dimensions were being shown in the viewer, no other geometry. “But” the geometry has to be created for the dimensions to display and to be shown in the downloadable pdfs.
The viewer only shows the model, however, the product is developed to produce the cut files with all seams and pockets and nested and tool paths applied. None of this is sent to the viewer, but is displayed within the pdf if downloaded.
SO as all the information is within the pdf, the model is being generated, but “not” being displayed.

As mentioned, at the moment it is working.
Here is a link to the model and the error was displayed at the “width between mounting feet” being set to 245cm.
at 244 or 246 or other randomly entered numbers, it all worked. It works within grasshopper at these parameters as well.

Great to hear that your model is working now. Thanks for sharing your findings and let us know if you experience any issues.