Model works within grasshopper but not Shapediver

Our model works within grasshopper. However, at certain measurement parameters, it does not display some or most of the display geometry in Shapediver or within the embedded model within our website.
However, I know the geometry is being generated as if I click the download configuration button, all the production geometry is displayed within the pdf and this can only be created from the missing geometry, as can the price which is displayed.

I have received the following from the developer who implemented the API…

as far as i can tell it seems the frontend is not receiving the geometry from the server. I think we need the support of ShapeDiver here.
To check if i get the data or not i monitored the communication with the server:

The middle part is a request that resulted in missing geometry. I should add that my ability to read the content of those requests is very limited though.

It could be that the resulting mesh is too large. Please check that the vertex count is below 65,536 vertices per file part for any parameter configuration and if needed, optimise the definition and re-upload. Find out more about output limits below.

Is there a component to display the vertice count sent to Shapediver?

The viewer and API does not explicitly give the vertex count but in Grasshopper, you can see the mesh vertex count sent to ShapeDiver Display Geometry component and optimise accordingly. Keep in mind that the limit is 65,536 vertices per file part so split any larger meshes into smaller chunks.

If the vertice limit is “per part” i am absolutely sure we do not have any “parts” which come any where close to the max figure.
Any other advice

Create a minimal version of your definition with parameter set up replicating the issue and share here so we can have a closer look.