Flow along surface vs. distribution of lines


I have a problem with distribution of the lines from the base on my extended cylinder surface.I smashed the surface and received unroll plane and than I then I flow along curve my pattern. Afterwards, I flow pattern along surface.

The problem is that I need as on the base pattern horizontal lines every 1.5m and after using flowalongsrf the distance between horizontal lines is different.Is there a possibility to keep distance 1.5m from the base pattern on the surface?


I think the trick you’re looking for is to make the base perimeter the same length the base rectangle. Something like this:

Is that what you’re looking for?

@Vanessa thanks for reply!

However, as I unroll the cylinder the base perimeter and the unrolled plane base one are the same, as upper length of unrolled plane.
That’s true that on example some of pattern is under the surface but it was problem with directions of plane.
Nevertheless, either im trying with unrolled plane or rectangle the distribution of horizontal lines are changing and are not keeping the same distance in between(while at yours i think it does) :disappointed:

Hi Wiola - try this: Rebuild the surface with a good number of points and degree 3 in each direction - maybe 50 by 50, something pretty dense. Set Delete input = No in the Rebuild dialog. Now, flow the curves to the rebuilt surface, not the original. Does that look cleaner? The rebuilt surface will probably have a more even parameterization than the original. You can then delete the rebuilt surface once the FlowAlongSrf is done.
Any better?

Thank you, thank you, thank you Pascal!

Now it works perfectly! :smiley: