Hi everyone, How to FlowAlongSrf in this case (pls check file)
Flow Along Surface.3dm (1.7 MB)

make a copy of your target surface and smash it to have zero curvature and use it as base surface:

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Hello - see the attached file - the flow depends upon the U-V structure of the base and target surface - usually, you want these to match as well as possibe. So in this file, flow from the green revolved surface to the cyan one. (Turn on control points for these surfaces to see how they are similar in structure- i.e.radial not trimmed planes.)

Flow Along Surface_PG.3dm (2.5 MB)



Thanks Diego …

you welcome

Thank you @pascal ,

Just to add my two cents here.
I have got irregularity problem to Flow a 12 sections pattern onto a simple cylinde: like section was not equal to 30deg.
Using _Rebuild and set UV to match my pattern does the tricks!

Thx @pascal

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