Uneven distribution with FlowAlongSrf compared to Flow(along curve) question

Hello everyone,

im quite baffled i never noticed this before:
When using FlowAlongSrf the distribution/distance between items is uneven, or better yet, fluctuating.
Same items distributed with Flow(along crv) are fine(rigid or not, see .3dm attached).

Flow_Srf.3dm (2.9 MB)

Since this was a simple draw circle → extrude → UV → draw srfs → FlowAlongSrf operation i dont understand why this happens so if anyone could enlighten me that’d be great!

is there a way to prevent FlowAlongSrf to do this or just stick to Flow?

best regards

Hello - `FlowAlongSrf looks at the UV of the base and target surfaces - some surfaces, while they look simple enough, do not have evenly distributed UVs - Cylinders are among these. If you rebuild that to degree 5 in U with 24 control points in U and degree 1 in V and 2 control points, the result will be very very close to a true cylinder and have evenly distributed parameters.

Another approach in this caase is to UnrollSrfUV the target surface and use that unrolled surface as the base surface.



well… yeah. that makes sense.

a simple UV at the end of the command may save the day
note to self: smashing everything is not always the best solution and sometimes you need to rebuild before you smash…stuff.

Thanks a lot and have a nice day!