Flow along curve help on revolved surface

Having issues getting my objects to flow along surface properly. Can anyone please let me know why I am getting squared off parts on ring surface and also why flow along surface sometimes puts objects on back of surface even though direction is correct. Thank you for the help.



rebuild the target surface with acceptable tolerances
(for example 10x10 points Degree 5,5 )

the problem is the nurbs-structure of the target surface…

in general it s a good idea to bring the surfaces together after flow-along-srf.
mean, you design the surface /objects to flow intersecting the reference, so it will intersect the target, then trim, fillet or whatever.

check this forum for other flowAlongSrf Problems - you ll find a lot of useful tips

Thank you I will check this out is there a link to the forum or is it just under this heading?

just do a search flowAlongSrf in the upper right of this page…
for example you find some background in this post