Flow Along Surface


I’m having an issue with the Flow Along Surface command. I created a 3D pattern and tried flowing it along a surface with different height levels. After following the program directions clearly, my pattern draped itself over the surface but it stretched past the boundaries of the target surface. How do I get the pattern to stay within the surface boundaries?

Thanks for your help

Hi BingBang,

Could it be your target surface is trimmed? iirc flow along surface operates on the full underlying surface regardless of trims. Another option is to try shrink the target surface (not sure if that is available for the Mac version)


Thanks for your reply.

Yes, the target surface isn’t trimmed but is split from a larger surface, which is essentially the same thing. I needed a specific area so I projected a curve on this large surface and split it. Then I tried to flow the pattern along this newly split smaller surface. What’s the best way to get the pattern to flow along the smaller surface?

As Willem suggests, FlowAlongSrf uses the full underlying surface and not the trimmed face of both the base and target surfaces. You can ShrinkTrimmedSrf crunch either or both down and probably more useful, use History with your Flow operation- then you can scale and move the objects on the base surface and they will be updated on the target, so you can fiddle with things until it looks right.