Flow Along Surface

Hello. I’m trying to flow a surface with some cut out patterns along another surface, but it just doesn’t work. I’ve tried flipping the surfaces and even reversed the UV directions, but it still doesn’t work. I’ve attached the file. Please any help will be well appreciated, and i also want to know what I’ve not done correctly.
flowAlongTest.3dm (171.9 KB)

Main thing you needed I think is for the object to flow to be on the base surface, if you want it to transfer to the target surface. As you currently sent it, just running the command, you would get the below if you select in the corners right.

As for how you would deform it and get the circles being nice, I would need someone else to chime in. The below worked okay with ‘Flow’, however I would this is an ideal use case as it is an extrusion in 1D you are using.

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