Floating Command Window Causes Start Up Issue

I like having a floating command window to maximize vertical space.

There are two issues restarting Rhino. First, if you let Rhino load a new file from default template, Command docks itself up top:

Second, opening a file from the Recent tab of the splash screen fails to show the Command window. At first, the mouse works, but if Rhino loses and then regains window focus, the entire UI is locked out of mouse control:

Changing from a customized Dark Mode to Light Mode caused the Command window to jump to a docked state while leaving an empty floating panel in it’s place.

Hi Eric -

I’m having it lock the viewports in both cases → RH-73767 CommandPrompt: Floating panel is gone on next start-up

Thanks → RH-73768 CommandPrompt: Floating panel is docked when changing light-dark mode

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