Command prompt stuck

Was trying to get the command prompt which was docked at bottom back up to the top. Then it started really misbehaving…

And after that couldn’t even close the WIP with the X close box, had to type Exit at the command line.

All the panel stuff appears to be completely fubar at the moment… not ready for primetime.

And now stuck…


I finally had to do a ToolbarReset to get the command prompt back at the top.

I can’t believe how incredibly buggy the new system is - practically impossible to dock anything where you want it.

Once I learned about the new little lavender docking target zones, and the drag patch on containers, I’ve not had any issues.

That said, I don’t spend much time in Mac Rhino other than bug testing and seeing if I can repeat user reported problems.

I’m running on a 2019 Intel CPU MBP with an AMD Radeon Pro 5500M

I am learning this new system with you right now. I think you can’t get it to dock because you are trying to moving the toolbar which needs to plop onto another container:


If you want to dock it somewhere new, drag the container onto the lavender squares that appear in the corners:


Your command issue might be related to mine. Command apparently is a different kind of floating panel that can get lost or lock up the UI.

Hey Mitch -

I suppose that, from JBs response :see_no_evil:, you can tell that our days rarely have enough hours in them to watch a bunch of videos posted on some platform. There’s nothing I can do about that, I’m afraid.
As Eric noted, I’ve create a few YT items related to the floating command line panel, hopefully that snowballs positively…
I’ve added notes to RH-73767 and RH-73768 to test more when fixes for those get in.