Mac feature implemented in Windows WiP

I’d love to have a dockable command panel, just as it is possible in Mac version of Rhino.
Optionally, make it available to stay on screen after pressing F2.

Move your command-line to the side so that it can be tall, you’ll be able to see the history without having to press F2. Would that work for you?

I am unable to start any command without closing Command History.

I said command-line panel, not command history (:

I like to have a single-line command line to save a space on a screen.

… but you do want the history be visible all the time?

I did notice though that the cli doesn’t dock at the right under the panels dock area, but you could leave the cli floating still…

In Mac version I can have docked Command History and floating single command line.
In would like to have the same ability in Windows (no need for floating option), if I may speak for myself here :-).