Floating Panels disappear

Rhino 6 for Mac (6.17.19236.01022, 2019-08-24)
MacOS 10.14.6

Any Tool Palettes I open remain in place after restarting Rhino, but any Floating Panels I open do not. I would think that Floating Panels should act the same way Tool Palettes do. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Hi Will, I’m experiencing the same issue. However my Layers panel always pops up when I open the program; it’s the Properties and Named Views panels that I always have to reopen. Very annoying…

Rhino 6 for Mac (6.18.19266.13352, 2019-09-23)
MacOS 10.14.4

I came up with a workaround, and it makes opening these windows a little quicker. Below, I pasted the macro command I came up with to open the floating windows that I use almost every time I use Rhino. This one macro will open four different panels. _FloatPanel is the command, followed by the panel identifier number (specific to each Panel), then the toggle action (which will close it if it is open, and open it if it is closed). These are strung together, one after the other. Note: The Command History Panel has its own command that’s different from the others - don’t know why.

!_FloatPanel 1741e8e3-cba3-4a2b-9ebc-db14ac7ba4b6 _Toggle _FloatPanel 3610bf83-047d-4f7f-93fd-163ea305b493 _Toggle _FloatPanel 459fae10-8021-4bef-880a-a6c4d7a300db _Toggle _CommandHistory

To find out what the panel identifier number is for the panels you want to open, just make sure that the command history window is open, then open the Floating Panel you want to get the identifier for, using the Window > Floating Panel menu. Once open, you will see the identifier for that panel in the command history, sandwiched by the _FloatPanel command and the _Toggle action. When pasting the identifier into your macro, do not include the “float” at the beginning of the identifier.

Once you have your macro to open all of your windows, add a custom button that will trigger it. Rhinoceros > Commands > Customize…
At the bottom left of that window, click the “+” button to add a custom button. Paste your macro in the “script” text box. Rename the button under “Text”. With the button created, select the tool palette you want to add this button to from the menu in the top left of the Customize window. Drag your new button into that tool palette, then click save.

Now any time you want to open (or close) your floating panels, just click that button.