Flip All text reading forward

Hello All,

I think I’m about to figure out a way to deal with this issue I posted on the forum the other day:
The goal is to recreate or flip all the text in the file so that it is oriented to read forward when in top view
(unlike the “Text reads forward when viewed from behind” option in the style settings, which only makes it appear that way, rather than actually orienting the text.

Rhino to Autocad export text mirroring issue

Getting from this:

to this:

I have combined two scripts I found on the forum to start with:



What I’m doing right now is referencing all the text objects in the document, getting the text object plane, and trying to flip the planes and recreate them with elefront so that they would all read from left to right. Not sure what the next step should be, I would appreciate all your help!

GH file
FIX_Mirrored_Text.gh (33.0 KB)
Rhino File
FIX_Mirrored_Text.3dm (41.2 KB)

Thank you all!


And a bunch of Python components…

Hey Joseph, sorry about that, I’m just not sure how to get there without these components! Any ideas on how it can be done without plugins?

It feels like there must be a better way to do this, but maybe this could work for you:
FIX_Mirrored_Text_v2.gh (4.5 KB)

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This is great for text that is upside down, thank you !