Text tag 3d not justifying with referenced text?

This came across my desk recently and i"m not sure if this ever worked, or if this is an edge case scenario that exposed the issue. Multiple Text objects, each with potentially varying justification settings, dont’ justify in GH.

Similar to some functionality in the Human Plug-in, we have a component that reads the active rhino doc for text objects, then we deconstruct them, and move the origin. We would then just pass it back to the native text tag 3d component and bake it when needed.

It doesn’t seem to be recognizing the justification though. Maybe we are passing it incorrectly?
In the simplified example attached, there are 5 text objects in the Rhino document, with justification set in the properties of the individual text object. The screen shot illustrates the justification issue. Black text is in the Rhino doc, pink is the GH text and BoundingBox of the text object. But the GH Text is not aligning when we pass the justfication to the text tag 3d Any thoughts would be welcome.

GHPy_ObjFilter2.3dm (41.7 KB)
GHPy_UpdatedO_Filter2.gh (24.6 KB)

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