First Rhino, then GUI crash when handling (large) Mesh Objects

Hi all,

Whenever I handle larges Mesh Objects in Rhino 6, my computer tends to crash. I am relatively sure it is caused by my graphics car (Radeon Pro WX 4100) as at first Rhino crashes, then the GUI. The only resolve is then to do a hard reset of my HP Z4 Workstation.

This is a really annoying problem and kills my productivity as I need Rhino to edit Mesh Objects. Is there anything I can adjust in my Rhino settings to counter this problem?

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If the entire operating system is crashing, this is almost certainly a crash in the GPU driver. Have you tried updating your driver to the latest available?

Hi Steve,

I am using the latest AMD Enterprise Drivers from 23/05/2018. If the drivers are the only factor in this story, then I’ll have to wait for the new driver version.

Is there anyway I can help Mcneel in diagonising or something so maybe you guys can relay it to the devs at AMD? Or is there anyway I can force my system to create a crash report? Because there is no info whatshowever generated :frowning:

I really want to help!

@jeff do you have any ideas of what to try next?

I think these are the drivers @jeff mentioned were unstable. I also am still at 17.Q4, but @jeff will know better.

Yep… I would try rolling back to the 17.Q4 drivers and see if things are any better. I’m still working with AMD on the 18.Qx drivers issue…hopefully hear something today.

@fabio1 If you can’t find the previous drivers page…here it is:

I would try the 17.Q4 or 17.Q4.1 drivers.



It seems to be working for the moment. I will update this post/report back EoB.

EDIT: about 11 business days later… I can report Rhino is still working flawlessly with the 17.Q4.1 drivers. So anyone reading this: The 18.Q2 drivers are not OK for Rhino 6, so hold your horses and revert to 17.Q4(.1) and see if future drivers are the solution as per recommendations by @jeff

Thank you all for the rapid respons and excellent support, as always :). This tight community is one of the reasons I Always like to spend my money on McNeels products :slight_smile:!!

Thank you!