Happy Halloween (Sub-D WIP)


The tools are not mature, so it’s not very scary yet :wink:

Very quick modelling, I am just doing it to get used to a new way of thinking.
(WIP SubD magic, custom made mesh tools for modding.)

Tsplines Replacement
Sub-D discussion

Must be HOLO-Ween… Thanks


Nice, Happy SubD-Ween ! !



Nerd humor. Ouch.

Also, I love it.


HAHAHA :smiley:


Where can I try it :wink:
That’s the best thing I’ve heard since the Autodesk tspline end life


Yes… me too. Where can I find the sub-D tools in Rhino…? An experimental plug-in maybe…? Please provide a link, thank you.



SubD is “hidden” in the WIP as a convert-mesh-to-SubD command called SubdFromMesh and it is not well implemented as a GUI, mesh toolset or a workflow yet. So i made my own set of Mesh tools so I could play with this within Rhino to show what it can be used for and why it is important to focus on it. My testing is mainly based on making organic shapes that are difficult to do with Nurbs. Like the pumpkin, the jewelrybox or this bikeseat:


Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing.


Where is the jewelry box? I’m just curious, it’s not in this thread.


Hi, it was just made to test out the raytrace mode so it is in this thread:


How can I get the sud_HoloTools ui? thank you!


Ah nice, thank you!
A pity Subd won’t make it in Rhino 6.


where can i test this PLS :slight_smile:thnx

(Pascal Golay) #15

Hi Asaf - see



that’s what im talking about
and would it be integrated with GH… this would be the holly grail