Fillet with variable distance per face

Hello Guys & Galls,

We’re looking for a way to get a fillet with different lengths on either side, I believe I have seen something like this done before, but I cant seem to figure out how to do it.

Right now I tried using the wirecut tool with the desired length & height, but it does not give a nice overflow of the surface and is hard to get nicely with the 3 edges joining. Does anyone know if there is a tool or better way to get this surface to be filleted with unequal lengths?




Perhaps this clarifies it a bit more:

Are at least two years that I ask this as well, but still nothing.

Anyone from Mcneel that could confirm whether or not this functionality is somewhere in Rhino? Or perhaps know an alternative?

Hi Peter- there is no tool for this in Rhino currently. I do not know of any easy workaround… especially at corners.


@pascal Yeah the corners gave the most trouble, A wirecut helps a bit, but does not get as nice overflow between the different edges/surfaces

A workaround (in 2D) would be to use Chamfer with unequal distances, then delete the chamfer and substitute a blend curve… But for a 3D corner it would only work on planar surfaces and you would have to do it on all 3 faces then somehow patch in the corner surface… not really fun.


Hey Mitch, thanks for the idea, I tried out some things on the curve-level, and I have gotten this result which is pretty accurate if the XY are the same dimensions, for example

X & Y-plane chamfers 5x2
Z-plane chamfer = 3x3

I’ve used a profile curve with rail revolve, the profile curve makes sure the X&Y “chamfers” are good, the Z-plane is decided by the rail-curve.

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