Fillet tangential to surface and touching a curve


could someone advise me how to create a fillet (with defined radius) that would be tangential to a surface and touching a curve?

I have tried to do offset of the surface and pipe of curve and form their intersection do second pipe. Second pipe should be tangential to surface and touching a curve. But intersection of surface and second pipe is discrete or it is created by small ellipses.

The result should look like in the picture.

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fillet.3dm (593.6 KB)

the file has not been uploaded correctly pls upload it again.

OK, here is itfillet.3dm (593.6 KB)

Hello R Dolecek

Please see attach, if it is what you want to have, I will give you some direction how I done it.

fillet 1.3dm (614.7 KB)

Many thanks

Hi Dan - there is a test command that does exactly this - testFilletSrfCrv - explode and untrim the surface, delete or hide the existing fillet surface, then run this command - you’ll need to type the whole thing, it will not auto-complete. I used radius 3:



Thanks Pascal, it works exactly I wanted :slight_smile:

Hi Dan,

although the fillet does not have a invariant radius, could you give me idea how you did it?


Hello Roman

Please see attach, there is also description how I done it.

fillet 1.3dm (747.1 KB)

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Many thanks