How to create surface based on the provided curves?


(Alex) #1

In the following file I trimmed a planar surface and then created two curves that can be used for creating the costume surface for that hole. I need a filleted final surface.
Please guide me using native Rhino tools, not plugins.
2.3dm (74.4 KB)

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hello - here is one possibility, with a couple of filleting options - I don’t love the triangular surfaces but maybe you can get away with it…
(136.4 KB)

Here’s a version that avoids the pinched triangular surfaces. (FIllet to taste)

2 _WithoutPinch_PG.3dm (552.6 KB)



Surface from edge curves with some point editing, remove knot etc. Make sure the singularity is at the tip. Makes matching surfaces easier and can be trimmed out with pipe/fillet. I also retrimmed the planar surface to make things classy.


fixed start and between surface tangency + added radius

adjusted.3dm (1.3 MB)

(Alex) #5

But look at this image. There is a pinch here.

(Alex) #6

Thanks Pascal.
So, The best way is to create a surface using those curves (Which one side is tangent to the main surface) and then use Intersect and trim commands and filleting. Am I right?

(Pascal Golay) #7

Hi Alex - it depends what you want but FilletSrf is one way out - you can make your own rails and build your own blend surfaces in between as well. My guess is even with fillets, you’ll want to fade them ‘by hand’ at the corners as in one side of my first file.



ahh auto radius. If you want to fix it just split it at first (or second) isocurve and remake that part of the blend.