Tangent, tangent, radius fillet for surfaces

I wish someone have good idea to improve our workflow.
It has been huge pain in the ass, and has taken many days for 2 men to finish.
Problem is fillets. We will need bigger fillet than edge is length. We need fillets for metal machining.
They will make roughing with flat end and then mill with ball end cutters. If no fillets, flat end will cut too much.
We don’t want to leave too much for ball, because time is money…
Solidworks couldn’t do it (as far we know how to use it), Rhino did even try.

There is tool for circle drawing, tangent, tangent (point), radius. It works in 2d but is it possible to get to work in 3d somehow and in the future? I mean choose surface, surface (edge), radius and it will flow pipe trough…
Then it would be possible to cut surfaces and make “fillets” easier.
Pipe or flow does not give right results…

Please check attachments…

Fillet R must be bigger than length of the surface!

Fillets for machining 2 .3dm (305.0 KB)
Fillets for machining.3dm (97.8 KB)

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello - this is only part of the job, but you can get a lot of the basic fillets in with the test command


Note this is a test command, so it does not autocomplete and is not supported… use at your own risk - save often - but it does do a decent job. The intersections will take some work though…



Hi Pascal!
Thank You!
It helps, saves a lot of time. :slight_smile:

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