Fillet edge of solid not trimming and joining

I am just trying to fillet the edge of a surface and there is probably something small I am missing. I am using a radius of 0.45 and you can see the surface it creates in the drawing I have attached. I just want the fillet on the general area that you can see I made the surface, give or take a little is fine. I tried the intersect command to split the solid and then join the surface but there are gaps in the line created from intersect. I also tried doing a surface offset and then using boolean difference but that didnt work either.

I imagine this is simple and just missing something easy. Any help is appreciated.

fillet-question.3dm (264.4 KB)

SInce you have a valid Solid object here you can try "Menu Solid \ Fillet Edge \ BlendEdge which gives the following result (R = 0.45) :

Is that what you want?

// Rolf

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The opposite face fillets just fine. Can you split it in half, mirror the good side, join then fillet?


fillet-question 001.3dm (252.0 KB)

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The problem is that filletedge can’t deal with the 2 small surfaces that are not quite tangent with the main surface at the two ends of your object. To get good clean fillet loops its best to have surfaces that are all tangent. When a fillet crosses surfaces that are just close to being tangent that will almost always cause trouble.

The easiest way to fix the problem it is to first add a larger fillet at that non-tangent edge (see file below)., Then you have a loop of tangent surfaces that FilletEdge can find its way around.

fillet-questionx.3dm (173.6 KB)

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That is what I want, thank you. It is weird that you have to add that segment to the point at the top for it to work, but that will be fine for the final design.

That is weird that the other side works, probably something to do with what Jim is talking about. Problem is that side that works is flat and the other side is sloped and that is by design. The fillet does need to be on the sloped side.

I am sure that you are correct, but I tried to fillet the edges including the area you were pointing to in the drawing with 4mm and it didnt work any different. I imagine you probably had something different in mind.

Thank you all for the help.