Wish: Fillet - option to pick the radius size from another fillet

Whenever I make fillets, I often want to pick the same size as a fillet on screen. Therefore, I’d like to have the option where I can select an existing fillet to set the radius based off of it (so I don’t have to use the Radius command and then manually retype its value the next time I invoke the fillet command).

you can:
(A) if the reference fillet is trimmed with the correct radius no preparation needed.
(B) if there is no Edge, that gives you the radius:

now in the fillet-Operation - for example filletEdge
→ Next Radius
instead of entering a number use
_radius → pick the edge (A) or the extracted Isocurve (B)

there is a small pity - actually i would call it bug (@Gijs )
the above workflow is imprecise due to display-precision of the numbers.
this is, why I recommend to have the display-precision 2 digits more, than the document Tolerance.
_documentProperties → Units
Tolerance: 0.001
Display Precision: 0.00001

do a test with for example
R = 3.45678
above Workflow will do a the second Fillet with
R = 3.457
(to see this, you have to do the workflow with standard settings, then increase the display precision)

hope this helps - tom

@Intuos if you make an alias for radius (I have ra for that) you can pick an existing arc. That seems as fast as having to click an option in the commandline. Of course this can also be added as a macro

_Fillet Pause Radius

@ tom, well, I wonder why you would enter a radius that is more precise than your document tolerance. But if that’s what you want, you can increase the display precision as you stated.

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This is quite an odd sequence, it asks you for the first curve to fillet, then the curve to get the radius from and then the second curve. I’d rather have first curve > second curve > radius (especially with the dynamic option enabled).
It works fine with the non-macro version though :+1:

Sorry, tested it with FilletCorners :wink:

For Fillet, you will actually have to set the radius first: (the 2x Radius is not a typo)

_Fillet Dynamic=no Radius Radius

with dynamic on it won’t work

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That’s a shame, would be nice to set the default based on another fillet to start off with.
Thanks anyways!