Fillet Provokes Long VaUpdate

I had to wait 15 seconds after every fillet I do just now. While Vaupdated graphics.

This is because behind the elevation view I am working in was the title of a VaPlanView. I deleted that planview and the updating stopped. But only briefly. How do I make it stop forever? I can’t work.

The view is nowhere near same plane I’m working on, and no vaobjecst are involved in the filleting. there is a va section active though.

Hi David,

Are you sure this is related to the plan view object? In theory, it is only updated on demand when you modify it, or when you run the vaUpdate command.

What objects are you modifying when you are doing a fillet? Is it possible they are poly-surfaces where walls are extended?

If you don’t find the reason, please send me the file to



Enric, the issue was resolved when I went to disable Va so I could continue working, and discovered that Va and TIbidabo were disabled. (And yet something was generating visualarch graphics.) I enabled them and the issue seem to have gone away.

It’s worth mentioning that between Va and Rhino posts and bugs, I’ve spent most of the day on the forums attempting to resolve issues, some of which have repeated themselves over the last two years. I’ve accomplished very little else. I can’t strip another huge file down to its essentials again today. This will have to be one for the beta testers.

Hi David,

If VisualARQ and Tibidabo were disabled, no VisualARQ code should be running.
Why do you think it was VisualARQ who was regenerating the graphics?

Do you have Lands Design installed?


The interface propgress bar was the one Va displays when it’s updates a plan or section view. I made a gif but it didn’t turn out. The bar says Visual Arq is regenerating graphics (or something like that.)

Take into account that this progress bar is used by Rhino and other plugins to show other operations. But if you see the message “VisualARQ: regenerating graphics…” then it was VisualARQ.

What surprises me most is that VisualARQ was running even when VisualARQ and Tibidabo plugins were disabled. And more strange, now that VisualARQ is enabled, the slowdown is gone.


This is what I recall seeing. It seems strange, I know.

I’ve just verified this. I was filleting lines, when after each fillet I got the “VisualARQ: Regenerating Graphics” progress bar.
VIsual Arq was enabled, so I disabled it (and Tibidabo).
Went back to filleting, got the identical progress bar.
Yesterday morning - almost all of it - was dedicated to Va and Rhino issues. Today I must be productive and I can’t create a gif and a stripped down file of this. But it’s an issue.

But I can’t be productive with Va regenerating graphics after each fillet I do.
So I guess I"ll have to deal with this.

I’ll send a link to the project. I found the issue is still present after saving the project under another name. Maybe you’ll find the same thing. This time the BOX link shouldn’t require registration.

Hi David, the Box link is not public. Could you just use WeTransfer? It is free and doesn’t require registration. On top of that you can add a short message describing the error or a link to this conversation which is very useful.

Many thanks

Hi David,

Every time you enable or disable a plugin in Rhino, you need to restart Rhino, as plugins are already loaded and working. In previous Rhino versions, there was a message that informs you about that, but they re-implement the PlugIn Manager UI for Rhino 6 and it seems they forgot to include this message.

Please, try again restarting Rhino. I highly doubt you’ll get the “Regenerating graphics…” message when VisualARQ is not loaded.

Anyway, it seems there is a problem when you’re applying your fillet to the curves. Maybe there are other objects that were created with these curves and you had Record History set to on. I’ll need to check the file, but as Ramon has pointed out, we don’t have a Box account (Box accounts for business are not free, and we cannot afford to subscribe to all possible sharing services our users have).

Preferably, use DropBox or WeTransfer.



I purged history before my last post, the issue remained.
We’ve used Dropbox many times. A problem with it sending to Ramon earlier in the week. I’ve never used WEtransfer but I guess I’ll try it. update: I can’t get into wetransfer. It seems to be blocked by my office. I’m going to try to use Dropbox again to see if I can get a transfer to work without a password. I think we’ve done that in the past many times.

Hi David,

Thanks for sharing the file. I’ve managed to reproduce the issue. It only happens (at least on my computer) when the fillet radius option is set to “0”. In this case, when you select the two curves and they do not intersect, it seems the Rhino command fails. When a command fails, we have a special code in VisualARQ to check if anything got corrupted in the document during the execution of the failed command.

Unfortunately, this code had a small bug, and the dimension style change event was fired by mistake, which makes all annotations, including plan and section views, to get recalculated.

This issue has been fixed in the upcoming VisualARQ 2.9.




Hi @djhg VisualARQ 2.9 is out, which fixes the error you reported here: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.9 released (for Rhino 5, 6 and 7)

Thanks. I hope it fixes this error wrt other commands also. It’s doing it with every boolean operation at the moment. I think there are others.

Ok, let us know if you detect any other similar issue.

It’s updating objects whenver I edit a leader, and do a sweep1, and a planarsrf as well. I haven’t installed 2.9 yet, so I’m hoping it’ll be fixed when I do.

I updated to 2.9 on Friday morning and so far the updating objects bug seems resolved, thankyou.

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