Update Selected Objects fails

Hi Franscesc,

Hope you can help. I am experimenting doing an entire construction documentation set of a noodle bar in Melbourne currently using Rhino and VA.

VA plans stop updating? Would you know why this is happening?

Hi Luke,
Are those VA plans still VA plans? I mean, have you exploeded them? in that case they lose their link to the 3D model. Otherwise, try to run the vaUpdate command on them to update them.

HI Francesc,

Yes they are VA plans. I updated them multiple times. At odd times they would just stop updating. Also, I found if if copied the plan, that the copy would update but not the original.

It just happens randomly (from a human perspective anyway). Any known faults on this?

Hi @lukehickmandesign,

This is a weird behavior, can you send the file to visualarq@asuni.com?