Fillet image

Hello everyone! I have a problem to connect two pipes. I attach the image: I don’t know what the way is to pass from step1 to step 2. Thanks

You have to align the tubes like this, so they intersect each other:

Then create a line at 45 degree and cut the surfaces you don´t need from this side view


Sorry I was not clear in the question. The two “tubes” are extrusions on curves and the two “tubes” are not perpendicularly incident. (I attach image).

Thanks again!

Post your file.

Ok, then you could extrude the tubes edges and cut the overlaps:

Is this! Thankstubes.3dm|attachment (112.8 KB)

Is that! Thanks tubes.3dm (112.8 KB)

Duplicate the edges of the pipes:

Run the intersect command and use the intersecting points to cut the duplicated curve edges you don´t need:

Extrude both edges:

Join the extrusions to the respective pipe:

And cut the overlapping surfaces away:

Also the inner ones:

Hello - try:

  • ExtendSrf the pipes through each other.
  • Set the file tolerance to .001
  • Intersect the two pipes.
  • Explode the resulting curves and Join the ones that make this curve:
  • Use this curve to trim the ends.

Note the intersection is not 100% clean since the arced pipe is not in plane with the straight one

but the trims are within tolerance and the surfaces join OK.


-> as pascal was typing faster then me… and already pointed out - it does not make sense to have a document tolerance of 0.01 and do a detail - that is close to this - in your case 0.03 Radius.
in general it is not a good idea to change document-tolerance during modelling - especially make it more precise, you should set the tolerance at the beginning.

-> try to keep the axis - curve or stuff like this - i had to reconstruct it:
_fin (pink) with 0.03
_dupEdge (blue)

join the resulting curves and just
_pipe (green result)

An easier way maybe… fillet the joined curves and then create the pipe.

tubes.3dm (279.9 KB)