How to close end of one pipe?

I have an object made up of a series of pipes. Each pipe has a certain wall thickness. These pipes are very organic and their thicknesses vary. I’d like to block just one of these pipes? What is the best way please? I though of tracing out a curve that fits the inside of the pipe I want to block with the intention of then creating a surface from the curve, extruding it so as to give it a thickness and then doing a boolean union with the pipe, but I don’t know how to go from a curve to a surface.

Hi Ether- If I understand what you want to do, try this: ExtractSrf the inner surface of your pipe. Split >Isocurve in the ‘around’ direction (most likely ‘v’) at a location a short distance (presumably equal to the pipe wall thickness) in from the end. Delete the small piece at the end and use PlanarSrf and Join (on the edge curve) or Cap to close the inner part. PlanarSrf and Join on the outer surface, then if the pipe was joined to other things at the other end, rejoin it.

CapPipe.3dm(151.4 KB)


Thank you very much for your response Pascal but I’m afraid that I couldn’t get that method to work. When I split at an isocurve the result wasn’t planar and so only the bottom end would get capped. Also, the cap would not have any wall thickness.

Here’s a picture of what I am working on. It’s of a group of veins. I’ve exploded the model and highlighted the inner surface of vein that I am trying to block. It is the top of this highlighted vein, where it joins another vein that I am trying to block. Note that all the veins have wall thicknesses. I want to block the top of the highlighted vein with a ‘plug’ of a similar thickness.

Please export the pipe as a 3dm file here or to


Thanks. I’ve sent an e-mail.