*Newbie question* properly connecting pipes to polysurface

Hello, I’ve been trying to find a solution for this (simple?) problem but couldn’t find it yet. Does anyone know how to join these two elements together? The model was created in Grasshopper which was then baked in Rhino where I created an offset for the solid half (to give the surface some thickness) and used the multiple pipe command for the other half of the structure (for the same reason as mentioned above). I tried to extrude the pipe and then trim it but it doesn’t seem to work. Thank you

Hi Chelemen - If the goal is to make a single object, I’d try a couple of things -

  • make the cylindrical side slightly thicker than the pipes (are those all joined up into a single thing or all separate bits?) and the edge pipes just long enough to penetrate the edge of the cylinder - then there is at least a chance that a BooleanUnion might work.

  • Run another pipe along the edge of the thickened cylinder to capture all of thee pipe to cylinder intersections and then Union the everything. But, BooleanUnion on same-sized cylinders and pipes can be problematic to say the least, so it is not a sure thing at all.


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Thanks a lot! I used the BooleanUnion command and it worked.