Fillet Edge for only part of an edge


I’m a complete beginner, went through the Training Level guides 1 and 2. I want to know if there’s a way to just fillet a section of an edge.

I used the SplitEdge command to split the facing, outer edge of this ring by the two points that are at two corners of the flat, top surface of the signet. (It actually has split the edge into three sections, the image below shows the left and right side edges selected during the FilletEdge command, with the top, horizontal edge not selected):

But what should I do to make just that selection filleted? It tends to fillet the entire, original edge. I feel it has something to do with Chain Continuity, or Adding Handles - but I just can’t figure it out.

I’ll then have to figure out how to make some kind of smooth transition from the fillet edge corners near those two points and the rest of the flat signet… (and it’s not so flat up there, is it? I did a Sweep2, and it seems to have some irregularities)… any pointers in that regard would be greatly appreciated as well.

Hope this has a simple answer, and thanks for your time!

StupidRing.3dm (175.8 KB)

(Hopefully) simple answer.

  • Keep the surfaces joined so you can use the Solid – Fillet command.
  • Add a new handle at both ends of the highlighted edge.
  • Make that radius 0 / zero.
  • Fillet

Addign handles is a little tricky at first, so be sure to read the command line at every step.

Thanks for the reply. So it has to do with Handles, I can experiment with those.

However, it still doesn’t quite get the result I’d like.

When you say ‘Make that radius 0 / zero’, I assume you’re talking about the handle(s). Or handles don’t have radii (?) - but there’s the option when adding a handle to change the value of CurrentRadius, and that’s where I can change it to 0 or 0.3 But there’s a few combinations that lead to two (at least, I think) different results:

a) I make the left handle current radius 0, and the right handle current radius 0, and then fillet, and the fillet will have the original (intended) radius of 0.3 starting from the left handle, go counter-clockwise around the edge and start tapering until there is no radius/fillet when it meets the right hand-side handle.

b) I make the left handle current radius 0, and the right handle current radius 0.3, fillet, and the outer edge is entirely filleted (including the top signet surface’s edge).

c) I make the left handle current radius 0.3, and the right handle current radius 0, fillet, and same result as (a).

d) I make the left handle current radius 0.3, and the right handle current radius 0.3, fillet, and same result as (b).

I like the result of (a) and ©, especially if I select just one side of the edge (the edge was split into three edges, and the selection in my image is actually two selected edges that meet at a point at the bottom of the ring). So I could do a left side fillet tapering to 0 radius, and the same for the right side, and things look OK… but I still want to do what I originally intended - have that fillet radius of 0.3 go all around the rounded edge of the ring, and leave alone the flat surface signet edge at the top.

Any ideas are much appreciated, and thanks again for your help.

Hi SCC - see if this helps at all -

I simplified the making of the ring - that is the surfaces are cleaner and simpler - note the setting of the curve seam to ‘Natural’ when lofting identical curves.

Keep an eye on the command line options inside FilletEdge - there is a lot you can change while the command is running.


Thanks, Pascal!

I had tried Lofting the curves together once, but when I came back to this saved file I had already done a Sweep2 before saving - loft is so much nicer! And splitting the edge works now as I wanted, too! And now I finally understand Handles a bit more.